COOL Leggings

I created the brand COOL Leggings, because I like to have ”different” things in my wardrobe and around me, something particular and unique.

Every pair of leggings that I make, I am wearing myself with the biggest pride. And I hope that you appreciate it too. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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I love leggings and have always worn them. Since I have been living in Sardinia, I have found it hard to find a pair of ‘WOW factor’ leggings. That is why I decided to create them for myself and share my ideas with everybody else. Absolutely enjoying doing this!!

Plus, as far as women’s fashion goes, leggings are the most versatile and fashion adaptive bottom that a women can wear and not having a good leggings wardrobe will impact your ability to accessorize your closet greatly. And that is absolutely true!

COOL Leggings are made in Italy from scratch, crafted from a stretch cotton fabric (none of my leggings are polyester!) ,and hand painted with various prints.
COOL Leggings are totally home made- cut, designed and sewn. Each item is individually unique and hand painted, therefore pattern and color might vary a bit.

All together it is a three day process to create a pair of COOL Leggings. I always wash the fabric first. The material I use is manufactured in Italy, 92% cotton and only 8% elastane. When the material is dry, i cut out the patterns and make the stencils (hand paint the drawing on the fabric with special water based fabric paint). It takes about 24 hours to dry. The last thing I do is to sew them all together. I enjoy every single step of this, because the final result is worth it!! *-*

Delivery policy

Shipments are sent out within 3-5 business days.

Shipping usually takes between:
5-7 working days for Europe
10-20 working days for the US, Canada, Australia
15+ working days for the rest of the world

All items are shipped from Cagliari/ Italy and they can be shipped worldwide.

At COOL Leggings, we assure you that your package will be shipped honestly and accordingly.

COOL Leggings is not responsible for any lost mail or incidents after the package is left at the post office. We have always been accident free, so no package is expected to be lost.

On an event that a package is not received or returned via post office, a refund will be made without the shipping amount. Since the shipping amount has already been paid to Poste Italia, the money is not included in the total return.

Refund policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase due to any sort of damages, please inform me with pictures to see what can be done and for further compensation. If you are qualified for a full refund under a certain circumstance, shipping fees cannot be returned, as they have already been spent.

As usual, please make sure you check the sizing and other inquiries you may have before purchasing.

Please LET ME KNOW immediately if something went wrong before sending it back or leaving a negative feedback. Negative FEEDBACKS only harms me and my business while you get nothing. I am a very understandable shop owner and will make anything to make you happy with your purchase.

Additional information


Colors may vary a little from the original because of the white balance options, photoshop edits, color options of your pc, etc. So you may expect the color is a little different than the photos.

▲ CARE ▲

You will have the item wrapped and folded in a package. All designs are handwashed before it gets its final look so it is up to you to rewash it.


Would like to send this as a gift? The items are wrapped beautifully and they can be given as a gift directly by yourselves or I can ship them directly to them. The packages do not have any price tag. Let me know if you want me to add a speacial note to the item purchased.

Seller information

I’m Sandra. I am a mommy of a toddler and a new born, and would love to think of myself as a creative person. I come from Latvia, but live in Italy.
I take this shop and my work very seriously, in order to offer my customers great items and service.


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