Types of leggings

All about LEGGINGS

When it comes to fashionable leg wear, LEGGINGS are it. These skin-tight pants accent and highlight the legs, while also keeping the wearer covered. Leggings are popular in high fashion and indie fashion circles. They are also just fun to wear and add a lot of vibrant color to any outfit. You will find that there are several different styles of leggings to choose from, such as metallic or jeggings. It doesn’t hurt to keep a few of these styles in the wardrobe to wear as you please.

You may also want to look at leggings of different lengths, from capri to full length. There are even footed leggings that completely cover the foot. These leggings are great for the wintertime. Look at the different sizes before purchasing a pair of leggings, and make sure that you get accurate measurements. You can purchase leggings in most clothing stores, online clothing retailers, and on used clothing and auction sites, like eBay.

Leggings have been around in different forms for thousands of years. The modern legging is made from a mix of spandex and another material. It is styled like a pant or a pair of tights, but of slightly heavier weight. The legging came into high fashion in 2005, and since then, it’s seen a number of style evolutions. You can find these different types of leggings in most stores.

Faux Leather – Also known as, “patent leather leggings”, these pants have a faux leather coating on top of nylon/spandex fabric. The coating makes these leggings less stretchy by up to 80 percent. However, they easily create the rock star look without the physical discomfort of a pair of tight leather pants.

Metallic – Metallic leggings are made with a metallic or glitter coating on top of a nylon or polyester/spandex base fabric. The metallic coating also limits the stretchiness of metallic leggings by between 30 and 70 percent.

Jeggings – Leggings that also incorporate some characteristics found in jeans are called jeggings. The kind of characteristics that jeggings incorporate include color, texture, cut, style, and even seams. They even feature similar wear patterns on the knees and the tops of the side seams of the legs. However, the jegging is still a pull-up pant with an elastic waistband.

Cargo – Cargo leggings are leggings that incorporate some of the elements of cargo pants. These leggings are usually tan or khaki colored, with pockets, belt loops, and even a zippered front. They are very much like khaki pants, but are still skin-tight, lightweight, and stretchy.

Corduroy – The corduroy leggings is made with very stretchy, corduroy fabric, woven from a nylon/spandex material. These leggings are still skin-tight and full length, and are available in several different colors as well.

Stirrup – The stirrup legging is a full-length legging with elastic loops sewn onto the bottom of the hem of each leg. The loops hook around the bottom of each foot to hold the leggings down and keep them from riding up. This is a particularly useful when wearing boots with leggings, to ensure that they don’t ride up as the fabric rubs against the boot.

Footed – The footed legging is very similar to hosiery in that it includes feet, so that the legging is one completely enclosed piece. This legging may be slightly sheer or completely opaque. It is very warm and comfortable to wear in the winter.

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